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Chandalier, Crystal Swarovski trimmed


Add a crystal chandelier rental to your Chicago event space to really glam it up! We have installed chandeliers in event spaces, under wedding canopies, under wedding chuppahs, on the outside patios and decks of event spaces, and under so many ceilings.

The Swarovski trimmed chandeliers come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Deluxe. The small chandelier is approximately 10lbs and has 5 candles. The Medium chandelier is approximately 20lbs and has 8 candles.  The large chandelier is approximately 40lbs and has 16 candles.



This chandelier rental does not include installation. This is however an EP ONLY INSTALLED ITEM.  Due to safety, transportation, and product damage concerns, we only rent this product to customers who also have us install the product. Installation fees on this item are dependant on placement location, date, time, etc.

Please call us to reveiew what installation costs will be on this item before you order it.

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Small: $250, Medium: $325, Deluxe $500


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