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colored string christmas lighting rental

String Lighting, Colored


Green corded multi-colored bulb string lighting is a décor element that really adds tremendous beauty to your Chicago special event during the holiday season or to add that flair at your event at any time of the year. This lighting rental is used for its aesthetics and its cool festive look.

We can install green corded multi-colored bulb string lighting on your events structure (if allowed) or we can bring out a support structure in which to hang the lighting from. Your venue structure would need to allow us to affix the lighting strings onto it safely. Contact us to set up a design appointment where we can visit your event venue to determine which option is viable.

The pricing on this option is for green corded multi-colored bulb string lighting rentals that are hung or affixed on your venue structure. Contact us to get separate pricing on café lighting hung on our support system. This rental price per linear foot includes installation.

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The pricing on this rental item, green corded multi-colored bulb string lighting, is priced per linear foot. You can contact us to help you determine how much lighting you will need. Generally straight lighting is actual linear feet plus 1 foot per 20 feet. Scalloped or swagged lighting strings require an additional 4 feet per twenty linear feet of swagged lightings.

Minimum requirements on total length apply to this item. Contact us for specifics.
All prices include setup & installation for all hung lighting below 12 feet.  Additional fees might be necessary if we are hanging the lighting higher than 12 feet, installation window is less than 4 hours,  and if setup start time is within 6 hours of your event. Call us for additional information on this pricing. A separate delivery charge will be assessed once we determine location, date, and time (This is charged later).


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