Bling up your event space by creating a unique experience by adding in crystal straight line chandeliers for your Chicago special event. This crystal chandelier rental can be hung in your event space to achieve a great look. Infusing color hung mid-air with crystals disseminating colored light is a great way to really customize your event space. The LED lighting placed at the foot of the column really makes it pop for evening functions.  This crystal column rental is commonly used in corporate functions, fund raisers, weddings, wedding receptions,  benefits, galas, product introductions, and for any event where making a lighted impact is the intended result.




This crystal chandelier rental is sure to make your décor pop. This large crystal straight line chandelier is 24″ in diameter, by 5′ long (1″ hanging chain) and are great to use as room or stage décor options.   The pricing on this item includes installation, however, we would need to verify that there is a suitable structure in which to hang the crystal columns. We require a picture of where you would like to install the items. There may be additional charges levied if there is no suitable method in which to hang them properly and safely.

A wireless 4 watt LED light comes included with this column and has a powered life of 5-7 hours depending on color selected.

The wireless LED comes with a remote.  You simply need to have a designated person to “turn on” the lights before your function starts. Turning on the lights just requires pointing the remote at the LED, and then pushing one button (On). They can also be turned off electronically in the same fashion.

There is a Minimum of 2 columns needed for us to install these items.


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