Café Italian Bulb String Lighting is a functional and décor element that really adds tremendous event value to your Chicago special event. This lighting rental is used for its aesthetics and its cool look, and also for functionality in providing soft event lighting.

We can install Café Italian Bulb String Lighting on your events structure (if allowed) or we can bring out a support structure in which to hang the lighting from. Your venue structure would need to allow us to affix the lighting strings onto it safely. Contact us to set up a design appointment where we can visit your event venue to determine which option is viable.

The pricing on this option is for Café Italian Bulb String Lighting rentals that are hung or affixed on your venue structure. Contact us to get separate pricing on café lighting hung on our support system.

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The pricing on this rental item, WHITE corded WARM white bulb string lighting, is priced per area SF. You can contact us to help you determine how much lighting you will need.

Minimum requirements on total length apply to this item. Contact us for specifics.
Additional fees might be necessary if installation window is less than 4 hours and if setup start time is within 6 hours of your event. Call us for additional information on this pricing. A separate delivery charge will be assessed once we determine location, date, and time (This is charged later).

Lighting Cost Calculator

You can generally determine the charges for string ceiling hung lighting by multiplying length x width of the area you want to hang the lighting in. Hanging on a structure you provide is $.50 per SF. Using your structure and some of ours like attaching to a singular side of your house is $.75 per SF. If we bring in a complete support structure the cost is $1 per SF.

Example…A tent that is 40×60 feet is 2400 feet times 50 cents = $1200

Example…A tent that is 40×100 feet is 4000 SF feet times 50 cents = $2000

Example…A backyard party that we use your house and our structure for a  30×60 foot area is 1800SF feet times 75 cents = $1350

Example…A  party in a field or on a patio that we use all our structure for a  30×60 foot area is 1800 SF feet times $1 = $1800

*These prices are zig zag quoted installations. More complex lighting arrangements may require more lighting and may have an increase in cost. Generally if deciding between string or cafe, cost is the same but additional strands are used in sting lighting installations versus cafe setups. Similar light lumen output is the same. We highly recommend adding a lighting dimmer to your installation so that you may choose the lighting lumen output for your event.

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