Elegant Presentation rental service in Chicago offers luxurious furniture and decorative items that will turn an ordinary party location into an exotic venue. If you are looking for one item that transforms the entire set-up with minimum expense, we recommend you to select an exclusive drape from our ceiling décor section. This one silky and lustrous product can add an extra dimension to a wedding reception. Ceiling drape drapery décor sets a niche for your wedding. You can pick from ceiling drapes that come in any color but most popular are sheer white, sheer ivory, solid white and solid ivory for your reception or other events such as corporate parties, fundraisers, product launch events and more. If you desire to surprise your guests with an exceptional arrangement, ceiling drape coupled with string lighting or café lighting guarantees to fulfill your wish.
For the best vision, consult our drape drapery event decoration specialists for suggestions. The experts will analyze the distinctive features of your venue and suggest items accordingly.

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