We can add string lighting (Christmas lights) to your ceiling drape. The price listed is a per foot rental price. Lighting added to your ceiling drape gives the fabric and entirely different look and feel. Some say the look is festive, some say fairy tale. In either case it adds a night time dimension to the room that is undeniable.  Our string lighting wire is white in color. Sheer ceiling drape rentals are very common for use in wedding receptions, corporate functions, fund raisers, weddings,  benefits, galas, product introductions, and for any event where making a full room filled impact is the intended result.

To calculate what quantity of lighting you need, add the total length of the ceiling drape panes that you ordered and multiply it by two. That is the minimum required length of string lighting. EP will install a double strand on each panel so you will have a minimum of two strings of lights on each panel. One traveling down the panel and then one back to the center of the drape. As an example, four twenty foot panels need a minimum of 160 feet of string lighting (4 panels times 20 feet in length times 2 strings per panel).




This price includes standard event installation. For ceiling drape rentals, select the total number of feet needed for each panel that you want us to install at your location on your ceiling drape or hung without ceiling drape.  The pricing on this item includes standard installation, however, we would need to verify that there is a suitable structure in which to hang the ceiling string lighting. We require a picture of where you would like to install the items. There may be additional charges levied if there is no standard method in which to hang them properly and safely.

If hung on a ceiling, a picture of the center point where all drape panels extends from and all ceiling areas where the drape extends to (approx. 19 feet away from the center point). If installed on trees, banisters, or any other location that is not hung a picture may not be necessary.

This price is all inclusive of hanging hardware and supplies needed to install them properly.

To have us estimate this with/for you simply add a non-refundable service call item of $75 and we can do a site visit to ensure that it can be properly and safely hung in your event space for quoted non-custom pricing.



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4 Panel (10'x20') $240, 6 Panel (10'x20') $360, 8 Panel (10'x20') $480, 4 Panel (10'x40') $480, 6 Panel (10'x40') $680, 8 Panel (10'x40') $880


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