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Stanchion and Rope


Rent red rope and stanchions for your next high class private affair. The event can have a Hollywood them but recently we have seen red rope and stanchions being used on event entrances where the event planners want to move the focus onto the party attendees.

We have red and black rope and stanchions available for rent, The stanchions are polished chrome and stand 3 feet tall. The red and black ropes to connect the stanchions are 6 feet in length. Use a five foot calculation for linear feet that the stanchion and rope rental will use on the floor as a nice soft floor bend or curve is how these guys look best.

Rent red rope and a stanchion for your corporate party, wedding, Gala, Fundraiser, product introduction, product launch, store opening,  tradeshow, or just about anywhere where making your guest or product the star of the show.


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Stanchion and Red Rope (per set): $15, Stanchion and Black Rope (per set): $15, Stanchion only (per): $10, Red Rope only (per): $7.50, Black Rope only (per): $7.50

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