This modern black shelving backdrop is a stunning display that will be the focus of your stage or special event. We can custom build size and dimension for this backdrop. This black shelving backdrop has a hidden look that holds items that can really highlighted using LED lighting on your stage or within your event.

This black standard shelving bookcase backdrop unit is approx. 6′ long and 6′ tall. We currently have 5 units available for a total of 30′.  The bookcase shelves are approx. 15″ square. We are able to enlarge this piece to fit you needs given enough time. Please contact us about the possibility.



Each ‘1’ in quantity ordered for this black bookcase is for 6′ in height and length. Selecting ‘2’ for the quantity tells us that you need a 6′ tall by 12′ long backdrop. And so on. We currently do not have pieces that are higher than 6′, if you do need a bookcase backdrop larger than 6′ tall, please contact us about the possibility.

Lighting or backlighting for this bookcase backdrop is additional. Reason being is there are numerous options available for lighting this backdrop. We recommend LED power bars behind the shelving unit. These power bars are 4 feet in length. The light coverage on the shelving units are seamless. More economical options include no lighting or utilizing 2 SlimPar64’s per every 2-4 feet to achieve a desired look.

We also can supply you with many various styles and types of LED candles for inside the shelving unit. Real candles are not allowed for use with rental of this shelving backdrop for safety reasons.


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