Rent this sequin backdrop system to decorate your fundraiser, gala, party, special event, or new years event.


Rent this Silver 10′ tall backdrop or walldrape to set the sparkle in your special event! This backdrop panel can be used to decorate your event space and set the environment for your special event. Use this item as a photo backdrop, head table backdrop, or entrance backdrop.

The price listed is for each foot the backdrop needs to be in width.

**The width must be in a multiple of 3 feet only** Minimum size is 9′. Example: 12′, 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′ +

If a 12 foot backdrop is needed, please order 12 of this item.
If a 30 foot backdrop is needed, please order 30 of this item.

This price includes the structure to hang each panel, along with installation and break down.

This is and Indoor only item, and can not be used outdoors.


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