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Red Carpet


Rent a red carpet for your Chicago special event. Red carpet rentals are used for Chicago events and parties to showcase and elevate the guests importance at the event.

Renting a red carpet for your Chicago event can create a grand entrance that is a sure crowd pleaser.

Red carpet rentals come in varying sizes. The most common width for our red carpets is 4′ in width. The lengths vary but you can combine or couple carpets to achieve the desired length. Example, you can create a 90′ carpet by joining a 65’and 25′ carpet.

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Installation is highly recommended when renting a red carpet from us. The reason being, when an un-experienced installer lays the carpet and tapes the edges, many time the carpet is un-usable after our event. The reasons for this are many, but the main rule with safe carpet installations is to NOT affix any kind of fastener (tape etc) onto the fibers of the carpet itself. Carpets are not repairable because mending a binding on the carpet reduces the width or length by two inches.

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Carpet 2.5'x25': $75, Carpet 4'x4': $25, Carpet 4'x7': $28, Carpet 4'x8': $32, Carpet 4'x15': $45, Carpet 4'x20': $60, Carpet 4'x25': $75, Carpet 4'x30': $90, Carpet 4'x65': $195, Carpet 6'x10': $70, Carpet 6'x12': $75, Installation: $50

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