An oval chuppah, also huppah, chipe, chupah, or chuppa, is a canopy under which a Jewish couple stand during their Jewish wedding ceremony. A Jewish non-traditional oval rental chuppah has a top or “ceiling/roof” which is represented to within the Jewish ceremony. This same item can be used with or without a top for a non-Jewish wedding canopy for any religious or non-religious ceremony. This item provides that added touch of beauty and reverence for your ceremony as a key focal point for all your guests.

These items listed here are your more common Chupppah’s/canopy rentals in Chicago. We can create your own custom vision using many other items like chandeliers, crystal beading, layered colored fabrics, candles, glass candle votives etc. Call us to explore how EP can create a unique vision for your special event.

Oval Chuppah’s and canopies are very commonly used in wedding ceremonies and sometimes left for the wedding couple over a sweetheart table during a wedding reception.


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Standard oval options include a sheer fabric for the Chuppah / Wedding canopy. The fabric color can be white or Ivory for the non-custom price.

Upgrade 1 uses a solid non-sheer fabric in white or ivory.

Upgrade 3 includes a sheer col0r other than white or ivory.

Upgrade 4 includes a solid non-sheer color other than ivory or white.

The listed price includes all materials and supporting structures needed to ensure that you have the most beautiful and safe product on the market. The standard sized Chuppah/ Wedding canopy  is 8’x12′ with the straight portion being 8′ and each side 2′  . You can increase or decrease this size to fit your needs. Select the standard size for all Oval Chuppah’s 6′-8′. For larger sizes, add in the proper item above in the product list box with a quantity of one to your shopping cart. Example for a 14’x14′ White Sheer Oval Chuppah, you would add in the Oval Sheer (White, Ivory), 14’x14′ (+2 Feet) , and Chuppah Top.

See out pinterest site for many other Chuppah’s / Wedding canopies we have done recently.

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Oval Sheer (White, Ivory) $450, Oval Solid (White, Ivory) $500, Oval Sheer (Color) $550, Oval Solid(Color) $700, Chuppah Top $150, 8×14' (+2 Feet) $88, 8'x16' (+4 Feet) $176, 8'x18' (+6 Feet) $264


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