Need a ivory wedding backdrop rental for your ceremony or wedding reception? EP can create a new style backdrop, copy a past backdrop we have created, or even create a backdrop design using a picture that you may have seen that you love! See our pinterest site for 100’s of different options for designs. Use white wedding backdrops to wash out and eliminate your venues plain or un-pleasant room walls. You can transform an event space using simple and effective wedding backdrop rental.

Standard designs you see on our site or on our Pinterest boards can be selected. This includes valances, drape pulls, swagging, pinned backdrops, adjoining etc.  Our panels look just ironed when put up. Our panels look just ironed when put up because we use very high end fabrics that have special textiles sewn in that dramatically reduce wrinkling.

Common uses for ivory wedding backdrop rentals: Custom backdrops for weddings and wedding receptions, room drape for industrial buildings or for tradeshows, straight simple backdrops as room separators, or for whatever reason! To add a specialty drape design to a room or wall drape, call us for specific pricing based on look desired.

The price of the room drape is configured PER LINEAR FOOT.  If you want to cover a wall that is 12′ tall by 40′ wide, select the 11′-16′ Height in the drop down and 40 for the quantity. Minimum length requirement for this item is 10 linear feet in length for the total length of all peices.

See MANY pictures of designed backdrops at: Ep Pinterest Board




Ivory wedding backdrop rental pricing is determined by two price points. The Height of the backdrop and the Width of the backdrop. You will need to first identify the total linear footage of the space you want to cover. Ask your venue to provide you with room measurements so that you can properly determine how much room wall drape or backdrop that you need. There are three price points based on height as they use different equipment.

All ivory wedding backdrop rentals can be ordered up to 10′ tall in height, from 11 feet to 16 feet tall, and 17 feet to 20 feet tall. Select the proper height from the drop down list and then simple enter the total number of feet in width or length. All backdrop rental products on this site are price per linear foot.

We have multiple panel heights to save you money. Many of our competitors have one size and charge you one price for all heights. We give a fantastic discount in this three tiered pricing for smaller height backdrops. If you are ordering over 50 feet of straight drape, see the room drape product category on this site for volume pricing. For all volume orders, call us as we might be able to provide volume discounts. EP also matches its competition, call us to see if we can match or beat your backdrop or room drape quote.

All prices include setup & installation. Additional fees might be necessary if installation window is less than 4 hours and if setup start time is within 6 hours of your event. Call us for additional information on this pricing. A separate delivery charge will be assessed once we determine location, date, and time (This is charged later).

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Designed 3-10' Tall: $12.00 per foot, Designed 11-16' Tall: $17.00 per foot, Designed 17-20' Tall: $23.00 per foot


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