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square wood folding table 72 inch

Square 6′, Wood Dining Table, Folding Banquet


This 6 foot square folding banquet table (six 6′ 72″) is a classy unique table for any special event need. This table is massive, versatile, foldable, and can be used for just about any purpose. Clients with large centerpieces on the table consider the square 6′ table because of all the extra room this table provides.

Many clients use both round and square tables in the event space to create a unique and different atmosphere. Using both types of table breaks up the monotony of large event spaces with many tables. New trends have some clients create many small seating pods using 48″ square tables for four people. You must have plenty of room in your event space however!

The dimensions on this 6 foot square folding banquet table rental for your Chicago special event are: 72″ in diameter.

See our linen rentals as an add-on product to dress this staple item in style.

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This 6 foot square folding banquet table is made out of a hard wood and comes with vinyl edges. The folding legs lock in place. Generally for dining tables you can fit the following persons at each table: Eight comfortably.

A 132″”round tablecloth is floor length (formal events) on this table.



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