This 6 foot round folding banquet table (6 6' 72″) is a staple for any special event need. This table is versatile, foldable, and can be used for just about any purpose.

The dimensions on this 6 foot round folding banquet table rental for your Chicago special event are: 72″ in diameter. Extenders for the table can be used to lift the height of the table to 42″ which is bar height if need be.

See our linen rentals as an add-on product to dress this staple item in style.

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This 6 foot round folding banquet table is made out of a hard wood and comes with either a vinyl or steel edge. The folding legs lock in place. Generally for dining tables you can fit the following persons at each table: Ten comfortably, twelve possible.

A 132″ round tablecloth is floor length (formal events) on this table.

A 120″ round tablecloth is 6″ off the floor (formal events) on this table.

A 108″ round tablecloth is 12″ off the floor (formal/informal events) on this table.

A 90″ round tablecloth is 9″ down the tables edge (informal events) on this table.


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