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Dance Floor, Cedar


A cedar vinyl dance floor makes a statement at your special event. This product is easy to assemble and looks great when installed. A cedar vinyl dance floor can cover many SF of your venues flooring and wash away the center in a room to give any event space a natural look. This dance floor is not an old beat up dance floor like you find in most venues. It looks brand new when installed.

This cedar vinyl dance floor system can be installed very quickly. Its price is also appealing when compared to more labor intensive floor covers. This rental dance floor comes in 3'x3' panels, and has a safety texture on its surface to insure all your party goers will be dancing the night away.



We can also create a custom quote for you on all rectangular shaped dance floor rental applications. Please contact us to obtain a personalized quote on other sizes.

We cannot do larger tha a 21’x21′ on this particular dance floor, it is a custom high-end pattern built especially for us for vintage rustic looking events. This dance floor can confidently be used if your guest count is less than 300 people attending.

All prices on this cedar vinyl dance floor include setup & installation. Additional fees might be necessary if installation window is less than 4 hours and if setup start time is within 6 hours of your event. Call us for additional information on this pricing. A separate delivery charge will be assessed once we determine location, date, and time (This is charged later).

By using our vast experience these would be the minimums needed when selecting a size for your dance floor. We would recommend staying in the category below or one size larger. You don’t want too much floor than it usually inhibits dancing at social functions. A full(er) dance floor is always better than one that is not full!

People often say to us: “I want to make sure that there is enough dance floor to rent for my Chicago guests to have a great time, shouldn’t I go much bigger than”. Its always up to you. Bigger is better if you have any concerns but this guide should serve most social dance floor rentals well!
Chicago portable dance floor rental guide

60 Guests – 20 Dancing – 12ft x 12ft
100 Guests – 30 Dancing – 12ft x 12ft
150 Guests – 50 Dancing – 15ft x 15ft
200 Guests – 70 Dancing – 18ft x 18ft
275 Guests – 90 Dancing – 21ft x 21ft


Additional information


12'x12': $400, 15'x15': $450, 18'x18': $650, 21'x21': $850


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