Rent this table top glass for your Chicago event to really create a custom card or entry table. These custom crafted round table glass pieces really bring the event onto your table. The glass can be lifted 1/2 inch off the table so that you can customize the table top. You can add flower petals, pictures, images, or anything creative to make a statement on the event your guess are about to take part in.

We carry only 1 table glass per size in our inventory.

Dimensions: 72″, 60″, 48″ round



This table top glass rental covers the entire table. The table top glass for the table is comprised of separate pieces that cover one table. there a small seam present on the tables.

All prices include setup & installation. Additional fees might be necessary if installation window is less than 4 hours and if setup start time is within 6 hours of your event. Call us for additional information on this pricing. A separate delivery charge will be assessed once we determine location, date, and time (This is charged later).

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6ft Round Table (72"): $75, 5ft Round Table (60"): $70, 4ft Round Table (48"): $65


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