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Signage, LED Lettering


Tricked you, this custom signage is NOT neon. Its LED! Create a custom sign that gets your message out during your event. This customizable sign system is so multi-functional that we can create a message that can be used for many different things: Area Highlights, messaging, mitzvah, building adornments, traffic flow, crowd control, staging signage and so much more.


The cost for this item is PER LETTER. Installation and delivery is extra if needed.



This signage is a better solution than neon for many reasons:


LED energy saving, Compared to a neon sign, letters use up to 70% less energy. 22 letters use less energy than a 40-watt light bulb. Neon tubes are made of glass and the potential for breakage puts employees, customers, window washers and property at risk. You can clean with a cloth without fear of breakage. In addition, most neon signs contain mercury, which is restricted or outlawed in many places

Highly visible, day or night unlike neon.

Message can be easily changed


This signage is for indoor usage only.

The unit is powered by a cord, but for an additional charge can be setup to run wirelessly on a battery pack.

RED is the only color available for lettering at this time.

Can be set on a bar or table (flat bottom), if installation or hanging is needed there is an extra charge.

You can enter up to 20 letters per row with these characters: A-Z, 0-9, $, %, &, !, apostrophe, hyphen, period and space. This limit is for one continuous row. you can add more by creating an additional row that can be placed on top of, below, or along side the first!

Multi-Row Sign vs. Multiple Signs:
A multi-row sign includes accessories to power and hang the sign rows directly below each other. Often one power supply will power multiple rows using row-to-row jumper cables.

Each sign row is 6.25” high. We typically hang multi-rows signs together with hooks and hangs tabs which results in 2.5” between each row, but, as long as the cords reach, you can vary the distance between rows as desired. We can customize any solution.


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