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Modular Versa Bar


Rent this modular service bar to really spice up your special event. This bar is modular and can be built to suit your needs.

You can have a U-shaped bar, an L-shaped bar for a corner, or a fully enclosed square shaped bar. These pieces can also be used surrounding poles/supports  in venues and make this very un-useable space useable again.

We can also retrofit this modular bar with a number of different colors and materials. The vinyl bar front can be changed to many colors, White, Black, Fur, Multi-colors or really ANYTHING as we can remove the existing vinyl wrap an add what you require. This might incur additional costs depending on what is needed.

Use the modular bar for corporate functions, fund raisers, weddings, benefits, galas, tradeshows, outdoor parties, and for any event where making a unique impact is the intended result.

The bar pieces are either six feet in length or four feet in length. The width is 12 inches for the bar top. Height of the rental bar is 42″. Modular bar dimensions: 72″12″x42″  0r   48″12″x42″

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Our modular service bar is a cool versatile set of equipment. The bar can also be stacked together to form a longer bar or you can rent up to four and place them in a plus configurations for larger crowds. Clients have used these bars for serving areas, service bars, customer service desks, seating for guests around poles, or any other purpose that can help you achieve your goals.

The price listed is for one piece, select the total number needed to build your bar.

All prices include setup & installation. Additional fees might be necessary if installation window is less than 4 hours and if setup start time is within 6 hours of your event. Call us for additional information on this pricing. A separate delivery charge will be assessed once we determine location, date, and time (This is charged later).



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