Rent this steel diamond plated bar to really set the tone for your special event. Utilize this piece with a unique feel to really set the mood for your event.

You will need to order a tablecloth and table for the inside of this rental diamond plated bar. We have an option as an add-on to accomplish this. If you do not choose this option than you will need to provide the table and tablecloth for the bartender inside the bar. Adding on a back bar is essential if you’re using this item as a bar for drink service. Add a standard back bar or choose from many other options we offer.

Use the diamond plated bar for corporate functions, fund raisers, weddings, benefits, galas, tradeshows, outdoor parties, and for any event where making a rustic old impact is the intended result.

Country bar dimensions: 96″32″x42″ (30″ height for bartender with standard table if ordered).


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Our unique steel diamond plated bar is sure to hit the mark with your event decor. The diamond plated bar can also be used for serving areas, service bars, customer service desks, product displays, or any other purpose that can help you achieve your goals with the masculine diamond plated front.

This diamond plated bar can be branded to really customize your event. We can modify this bar with specialty lighting, lighting rope, string lighting, and signage.Contact us for pricing on branding potential.

The inside of this unit requires a 6 or 8 foot table inside the bar under the bar top if a used as a bar with a bartender. Add this option on if needed. It is very common to add a tablecloth covered back bar for additional space to hold liquids, supplies etc if the bar is being used to serve drinks.



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