The Deco white leather modern bling bench is a great choice when you want a unique piece of leather furniture. This chair is stylish and comfortable. It has a long footprint and easily accommodate 2-3 people.

The Deco white leather modern bench is a high class piece of party rental furniture. This bench is used in a number of ways, but is sure to be a hit in any case. The diamond studded décor element on this bench creates a unique setting.

The white deco bling bench is a nice alternative for adding lounge furniture to an event than traditional lounge furniture rentals.  Why, because its so unique of course. This modern black leather bling bench ottoman serves it clients well in form and vision.

This bench’s dimensions are:  19.5″ H x 54″ W x 19″ D




This very beautiful piece of white party rental furniture is gorgeous darling! The black leather rectangular ottoman bling bench can be lined against walls, in a “U” shape, stacked end on end in a long row, in tradeshow booths, in a setting for guest pictures, or anywhere that a backless white leather bench can be useful. This piece is especially useful on stage as a centerpiece of your event.


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