The Deco black leather chairs and modular couch have clean lines and is a great choice when you want a classy set of black leather party furniture. This set is a crowd pleaser as it is not only beautiful, but very very comfortable.

The black leather chair backs are tufted as an added design element. These modular pieces can be interlocked below the seat to form secure long furniture arrangements.

The Deco black leather chair series of furniture is economically priced but don’t think that the value is not there. This great piece has been used on so many different types of events, and was well received on all of them. For Chicago party furniture rental, this is the lounge furniture rental collection of choice.

This chairs dimensions are:  22″x28″x31″.




This deco black leather lounge furniture chair is a versatile product, you can adjoin many units into a sofa, couch, or even design a unique setting with several of these chairs.


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