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Breakout Pattern Projection, Lighted


Rent a specialty custom breakout pattern with gobo for displaying white or multi-colored images on many event surfaces. Common custom gobo projections can be found on dance floors, backdrops, walls, ceilings, floors, tent vinyl, and just about anywhere making a custom impact is needed.

This package includes one specialty light with gobo for displaying breakout pattern. There may be additional costs associated with the installation depending on where the light is hung. We can provide a support structure for this item at an additional cost.

Each specialty custom breakout gobo pattern can be shown as white, with a gel as a color, or in color with added LED washing lighting fixtures. Select the proper counts per pattern needed in the drop down list box.

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Breakout patterns are used in so many ways. Call us to inquire about how you can use these in ways that you never thought of.

Each one unit has a display size that varies depending on the canvas and event space. To properly quote this we will need to discuss the event space, pattern projected, and options. This price is a general price and will need to be fine “tuned” to obtain the proper amount of equipment needed to achieve your intended results. Generally, a 10’x10′ up to 20’x20′ image can be achieved with one fixture.

See stock gobo patterns you can choose from at the following location.

This item is for One fixture and stock gobo, several may be needed depending on your needs.

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White Breakout Pattern $100, Colored Breakout Pattern $110, Colored Breakout and Colored pallet Pattern $150


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