The black satin lamour wrap chair cover is not just your average chair cover, but a cover that will set your event apart from all other events in the Chicago-Land area. This chair cover is very common for use in weddings, parties, benefits, fundraisers, galas, product introductions, corporate functions, a graduation party and for any event where making a royal impact is the intended result.



The black satin lamour wrap chair covers are extremely versatile, they fit round back, square back, and folding chairs. Call us to discuss your specific needs and verify fit.

The satin lamour wrap chair cover comes in several colors. This chair cover rental is selected most often by our clients because they will completely transform your room from an average banquet room to a whimsical, fairytale setting. This cover does have a flowing, shiny satin look to it, and is sure to please you and your guests. It is not necessary to add a sash to this cover, as it has extra fabric that is used to tie itself around the chair back for an elegant look.  Although, they can be added to accomplish your desired vision.

To ensure that this chair cover will fit your venues chairs, you will want to ask them for the total height of the backrest and width of the top of the backrest. EP does not guarantee fit on any chair cover so we do recommend requesting a sample cover to be sent to you for a small fee. This will ensure that your event will be just as you envisioned.

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