The valentine red satin lamour small round back chair cover is a way to make your party memorable to all of your guests. Colored chair covers are a great way to set your event apart from everyone else hosting a celebration of any sort. These covers are often used for weddings, parties, benefits, fundraisers, galas, product introductions, corporate functions, a graduation party and for any event where making a royal impact is the intended result.



The black satin lamour banquet chair covers are available in a small round back chair size. This banquet chair cover works well on small types of banquet chairs.

The satin lamour small round back chair cover comes in several colors. This chair cover is selected most often by our clients because it offers a clean, classic yet glamorous atmosphere for you and your guests. This cover does not have a high shine satin look to it, rather it is a soft classic sheen. Add any sash to this cover to compliment the look and feel of your event space.

The dimensions of the small round back chair cover is 16″ across the top of the chair cover and 36″ height. To ensure that this satin lamour chair cover will fit your venues chairs, you will want to ask them for these two measurements. Request a sample cover to be sent to you for a small fee, this ensures that they will fit as you intended. EP does not guarantee fit on any chair cover with a rental as we would need to fly all over the country to measure chairs to confirm the cover size needed.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 16 × 36 in


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