Rent this pilsner glass for your next event!

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Rent this Footed pilsner glass for your next Chicago event! This Libbey footed 12 oz. pilsner glass will become a staple at your restaurant, pub, or catering business. With its classic, tapered design, this glass is ideal for serving a variety of pilsner beers for any occasion. The conical design of this glass maintains the beer’s head, while the narrow shape enhances the aroma and taste. Customers will appreciate the difference as you use the proper glass to serve them a cool, refreshing beer. Crystal-clear clarity and a slender appearance enhance your presentation to show off a beer’s color and carbonation. Thanks to a chip-resistant rim and foot, this glass is durable for long-lasting use. Plus, the foot of this glass is perfectly balanced and supported by a sturdy stem so you can confidently rest it on bars and countertops.

Overall Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 3″
Bottom Diameter: 3″
Height: 8 1/4″
Capacity: 12 oz.


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