This triangle highboy bar pedestal table is made out of a hard wood and comes with a vinyl edge. Generally as a dining table,  you can fit the following persons at each table: three.

A 120″ square tablecloth is floor length (formal events) on this table. If you plan to martini the tablecloth with a chair tie, than a 30″ tabletop and a 132″ tablecloth is necessary.

We do not recommend using any other sized tablecloths for the square highboy bar pedestal table.

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This triangle highboy bar pedestal table (also known as pub table, bar height table, hiboy table, pedestal table, cocktail table) is a staple for rental on any Chicago special event. This table is versatile in function and can be used for just about any purpose. This table is common for use in wedding receptions, corporate parties, corporate meetings, corporate mixers, tradeshows, in tents, anniversaries, or any other purpose where having a place for people to gather is the intended result.

The dimensions on this triangle highboy bar pedestal table rental for your Chicago special event is 42″ inches tall (standard bar height) with a 30″ triangle table top.

Many events use a specialty bar height chair with this table. See the Bar Height Chairs section for those options.

See our linen rentals as an add-on product to dress this staple item in style.

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Highboy 30"w x 42"h: $11.25, Highboy 36"w x 42"h: $13.50


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