Elegant Presentations Inc.


Elegant Presentations, Inc. can plan your entire event from wedding ceremonies, receptions, Gala’s, Fundraisers, home-hosted parties, etc. We have been in the industry for many years and have very knowledgeable planners that can assist with all phases of planning your event. We run off a fixed charge-based or an hourly charging structure depending on the event type. We have many partners that we work with within many industries, so even though a cost is involved, we have the buying power with these companies and can demand their lowest contracting prices. Many clients tell us that our involvement actually reduced their total event cost because of our bargaining leverage! Call us for more information.


Elegant Presentations can assist you with an onsite designer consult to help you design and decorate your event space so that you are meeting all of your function and design objectives. There are two designer packages we offer. Site visit and Planning Arrangements.

Site Visit: There is an upfront fee of $99 which is only refundable with a minimum of Elegant Presentations rentals. If renting more than $1000 of Elegant Presentations equipment we will apply half of the fee to your rental cost. We will apply the entire fee to your rental cost if your rental order totals $2500 or more.

Planning Arrangements: Some events require a very hands-on custom approach. We offer this service on an hourly basis with minimums. If you require multiple visits, meetings with many trades and contractors this is the package for you. Call us to inquire about hourly or package charges.


Elegant Presentations can deliver, set up, and pick up all rental items for an additional cost. There are many considerations on the cost of delivering rental items.

Factors include:

  • Rental Item Quantity and volume
  • Day of Delivery
  • Time of Delivery
  • Delivery window, how much time do we have to set up the rental equipment
  • Delivery Location
  • Delivery Location Access Location (IE: 2nd floor, elevator, stairs only)

Generally, the minimum charge for small van deliveries starts from $38 total.

Generally, the minimum charge for small truck deliveries starts from $78 total.

Generally, the minimum charge for large truck deliveries starts from $118 total.

These are for M-F morning deliveries. The most expensive delivery days are Friday/Saturday/Sunday. The most expensive delivery times are late night and very early morning. A four-hour window in which we can deliver or set up is standard. Smaller windows require more delivery personnel and accordingly cost more.


Many items you will be able to set up yourself! Some examples of this are Chairs, tables, linens, chair covers, etc. We are a full-service shop though, so Elegant Presentations can set up all rental items for an additional cost. This is a separate charge from a delivery charge depending on the equipment being rented. Setup or Installation charges as we call them vary widely on a number of factors similar to delivery charges. A lot depends on each unique situation. Call us to inquire about specific installation fees for the product you’re interested in. There are some rental items that we will not allow you to set up where proper installation skills and safety considerations are relevant to the rental.


Decoration rentals require an Elegant Presentations installation in most cases as specific safety concerns and rigging skills and tools are required to get the job done safely and properly.


Looking for a special unique rental that you don’t find on our site? We might be able to help. Contact us to inquire as we may either have it already or be willing to procure the rental item for addition into our inventory. Generally, the rental on these items always will be a minimum of 50% of the cost to purchase the item, but you don’t need to worry about shipping, installing, storing, cleaning the equipment prior to and after your event.


Need a very custom setup, call us to see if we can assist you in your event setup.