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Dance floor rental in Chicago

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Dance floor rentalDid you realize that a dance floor occupies 15-20% or your event visage. Don’t just accept the old outdated dance floor that your venue has. Choose from a white wedding dance floor rental for your Chicago wedding event to a unique holographic dance floor to really glam up your corporate party.

Dance floor rental in Chicago has you feeling un-motivated, look to us to offer up different solutions to really make your guests want to get up and dance. Ep offers 5 different dance floors for rental. For a white wedding dance floor rental chicago, we can install a complete dance floor in our white vinyl. This is the white dance floor that already has a white vinyl applied. This is fast for us to put together so it is a sure win where tight turnaround times are needed. Ep has a laminate white round  or square dance floor. We are the only company that currently carries a white round dance floor in Chicago. To rent a white round dance floor in Chicago, you gotta call Ep!

Dance floor rental in Chicago would be complete without choices. We can also provide you with a black dance floor rental. We can provide you with a black and white checkered dance floor rental.  Rent a white and black checkered dance floor for themed parties like a 60’s event or today they are even used on some very high-profile weddings.

We carry your traditional parquet wood dance floor rental if a white wedding dance floor rental is not for you. This tried and true solution is cost effective and has applications with placement that can not be overlooked.

We wrap up our unique maple dance floor for a more modern dance floor rental in Chicago. This dance floor rental is modern, functional, and very niche with its light wood appearance.

So when it comes to dance floor rental Chicago, call Ep first for the best floor at the best price.

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